10 Tips on How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Wedding
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10 Tips on How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Wedding

10 Tips on How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Wedding

Agree Upon a Budget

Does this venue fit within your price range?

Figuring out a set budget is an essential part of wedding planning, so consider this tip as the first step in finding the perfect venue. Once you and your partner have an idea of what you wish to spend and divide it between the wedding relation goods and services. Once you find that price range, you can narrow down which venues to choose from.

Do Your Research

What does this venue offer? What did previous customer review on? What is not being advertised?

Recognize Your Needs

What features does this venue provide, does it provide your required accommodations?

Acknowledge Your Wedding Guests

Does the venue accommodate your number of guests? Is it made accessible for everyone attending?

Check the Availability

Do the dates and times line up with what you’re looking for?

Determine the Wedding and Reception Venues

Does this venue offer both a ceremony and reception venue? Is that a necessity to you?

Research the Extra Fees and Expenses this Venue Charges

Is there an overtime fee? What other expenses should you check for?

Evaluate and Compare Prices to Other Venues You Considered

Are the overall costs of the packages comparable? Knowing what they offer and the price that they charge, does help narrow down your decision?

Visit the Venues and Create a Pros and Cons List for Each

What did you like most about this venue, were there any major drawbacks?

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