5 Things You Actually Need For Your Wedding
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5 Things You Actually Need For Your Wedding

Despite being a time that you will cherish forever, weddings have a way of becoming “trendy.” It’s like anything else, people tend to go with what is popular the year they get married or when they are planning. 

With that, there will inevitably be some things that you won’t remember fondly. There will be some things that you will wish you didn’t spend the money on. 

Trust this list for 5 things you actually need for your wedding. It will help you eliminate what you don’t and prioritize the things that will make you happy on the day of and beyond. 

  1. A Regular Paper Guestbook
    1. While the trend of polaroid guest books is super cute, they create unnecessary added costs for photos that will eventually fade. Plus, you’ll never have the sentimental experience of reading your guests’ kind messages. 
  2. A Wedding Welcome Sign
    1. Having a sign that welcomes your guests to your reception is a great touch, especially since it is likely that as the bride or groom, you won’t be there to greet them yourself. As your guests transition into the cocktail hour or reception, you will probably be finishing up photos. With a fun sign, your guests will feel welcome and have the perfect photo opp for their Instagram story!
  3. Place Cards or a Seating Chart
    1. Keeping your guests organized during the reception will be imperative to ensure that the venue gets everything done smoothly. Making it easy for guests to find their seats can ensure that the reception activities start on time and that food comes out correctly. It is likely you’ll only have your reception venue for a few hours, so timing is so important in order to make sure your guests have tons of time to dance & enjoy.
  4. Bathroom Baskets 
    1. Having a basket of bathroom essentials lets your guests feel extremely taken care of and allows them to keep enjoying the night no matter what comes up. This is a very easy thing to do yourself at a very low cost. You could include wipes, mini sewing kits, mints or gum, Tide-to-Go sticks, etc. 
  5. A Party Favor
    1. Choosing a good party favor is challenging because you want to spend the time and money on something your guests will enjoy. As Michigan’s wedding experts, we can tell you that you can never go wrong with a food favor. Slip some Hershey kisses into a bag with your names on it, and you’re set. Or, another simple food that you both love. Guests enjoy a little treat for the ride home and don’t have to feel obligated to use something they don’t need. Plus, it is cost-effective!

Now that you know the five things you actually need at your wedding, you can prioritize these over trendy things that you and your guests will come to forget. Trust Best Michigan Wedding for all your wedding needs!

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