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Five of the Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

After months or years of planning, your bridesmaids have worked hard. Although it is your day, your maids need some recognition too! Giving each of your bridesmaids a little gift on the day of the wedding will ensure they feel appreciated, loved, and excited to celebrate. You can go a sentimental route, or just give them something simple and fun. Either way, you want it to be something they will use and appreciate, not just throw away. Keep reading to find five of the best bridesmaid gift ideas. 

Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


Of course, you can’t go wrong when you pick out a cute piece of jewelry for each of your bridesmaids. While this may sound like a pricier option, there are a lot of companies that offer chic pieces for a good price. Plus, they may do a large order discount! Whether you get earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, your bridesmaids are sure to get good use out of this gift. 

Coffee Mug or To-Go Cup

Who doesn’t use a mug or to-go-cup every day? The great part about this gift idea is how versatile it is. You can choose different colors, add personalizations, etc. If you wanted to splurge, you could get some that are high quality, so you know your maids will love and appreciate them! 

Matching Pajama Sets

Not only do pairs of matching pajamas make for a great getting-ready photo op, but they can also be the perfect thing for your bridesmaids to relax in after the big day! You could present them with some bath bombs, tea bags, face masks, etc. This way, your bridesmaids have the perfect spa package for after the wedding!

Personalized Makeup Bags/Pouches

Another useful gift is a great pouch or makeup bag with your bridesmaids’ names or initials on them. This is the type of gift they will always need for traveling, going to work, etc. You can never have too many of them! You could even get them in your wedding colors so it is tied into the day, but not too specific. 

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It is hard to meet something that doesn’t love a good candle! This gift makes for another versatile option because you could personalize it in so many ways. You could choose a scent that ties into the wedding, get names on them, etc. Plus, this is another instance where getting a name-brand or large size makes it a very special gift. Or, going for something small will still be appreciated. You can’t go wrong with a good candle. 

When it comes to getting your bridesmaids a gift, it is a great way to make sure they feel happy and appreciated. You can get anything you want, as long as it is thoughtful and useful for them! We hope this article helps you choose the right thing for the people who help you get down the aisle. 

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