frugal tips for wedding planning
Wedding Tips

Frugal Tips For Wedding Planning

Plan Ahead

Giving yourself plenty of time to plan your special day is key to finding the most frugal options. By opening up your schedule, you allow yourself time to develop a budget for your wedding necessities as well as the opportunity to shop around and find the best deals available. This includes finding the perfect décor, dresses, suits, and accessories at a better price.


Although this requires a greater amount of time, handling the products and services of your wedding is guaranteed to save you a significant amount of money. This may include creating and sending your own invites, provide homemade catering, crafting the major and minor wedding décor, and much more.

Avoid the Wedding Tax

It’s well known that many businesses hike up the price of their goods and services when providing for a wedding; counteract this tax by not specifying the event you are purchasing for. You will find that the savings are often substantial in the total price of your wedding.

Consider Locations

Renting an indoor venue can get costly, and finding the right date can also greatly impact the price. Consider a small venue at home or at a friend or relatives, as these can be great options for small weddings. Also consider outdoor venues as they often charge a much lower rate than indoor ones. Planning your wedding on a certain months also greatly increases the renting cost; try to plan on an off-season wedding instead.

Minimize your Guest List

Don’t feel obligated to invite every distant friend or relative, just consider your immediate family and close friends and colleagues. You’ll be surprised of the amount of money you will save on catering, venue space, and invites.

Review Major Expenses

What are the priciest aspects of the wedding? The flowers? Open bar? The dress? Discuss which features of the wedding are negotiable or nonnegotiable. This will not only help you and your SO get on the same page, but will offer a glimpse into how the budget is best divided.


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